Mesmerising Music, Melodic Memories

25th February 2017 marked the annual concert held by the Hwa Chong Family Bands (comprising the High School Military Band and College Symphonic Band). Through the concert the Bands hope to further promote appreciation of the arts among the student body and the wider public as well.

The stars of the concert
Photo Credit: Conan Leong (16S6A) @ Hwa Chong Publications Society

The audience was treated to a feast of mesmerising pieces, as the musicians played flawlessly and took the audience through a kaleidoscope of emotions. This feat was not achieved by chance; it was the result of the band members preparing and experimenting with numerous songs for months, even as they concurrently practiced for the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF). Coordinating the two bands presented its own difficulties, given that they had different practice days and were at different points of progress for the various pieces. These challenges, coupled with a short time frame, certainly made it an all-out sprint since the start.

For the College Symphonic Band, the arduous journey began from the year-end school holidays last year. There was uncertainty about song choices and even the performers involved as new JC 1 students had to be inducted into their new roles. The Band strove to effectively bond players of diverse musical backgrounds to create a cohesive unit capable of performing to its high and exacting standards. Fortunately, strong relationships and a sense of camaraderie forged during regular practices and outings helped create a sense of purpose which served the Band well when the day of reckoning arrived.

Rehearsing before the concert
Photo Credit: Conan Leong (16S6A) @ Hwa Chong Publications Society

The concert was also an excellent platform for Band members to cultivate and display their passion for music. Amidst all their SYF practices, members also had the artistic freedom to explore genres that they were passionate about for the concert, which led to the formation of multiple ensembles, including a Jazz band. This was greatly cherished; while they are determined to perform their best at the Singapore Youth Festival, the budding musicians know that music is and can never be about merely achieving awards. Music is about pursing one’s dreams, about expressing one’s emotions and thoughts as melodic notes to touch and change the lives of others.

After a job well done
Photo Credit: Conan Leong (16S6A) @ Hwa Chong Publications Society

And on 25th February, these notes indeed did so. It was fulfilling and yet humbling to see our friends and families supporting us and giving us an opportunity to present to them a night they will never forget. The journey was all the more special due to the experience we Band members shared as a family. Our shared memories will be a source of both comfort and motivation as the Hwa Chong Family Bands head into the new year, eager to achieve greater heights.

Written by: Leong Say Kiat, Conan (16S6A)

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