Exhibiting the Joys of Art

Every year, Hwa Chongians celebrate the arts and our artistes in the school’s annual Arts Fest. A wide range of activities is held throughout the campus to cultivate the love for the arts, and to showcase the dedication and passion of our artistes. In this article, we look at the 2017 Arts Fest Arts Exhibition.

Hwa Chong Arts Fest
Design Credit: Hwa Chong Art Club


The Arts Fest Arts Exhibition was held for a week in May, featuring artwork from both students and teachers. Held in the Inner Plaza, it featured pieces from a range of genres, be it Chinese calligraphic pieces or modern expressionist self-portraits.

Students from the Arts Elective Programme too contributed to the Exhibition. Tan Juan Gee (17S60), with his drawing of a character inspired by Mexico’s Day of the Dead motifs, hoped that “ArtsFeste would remind everyone that the most important thing in art is to have fun and be proud of your work.”

Tang Zi Xuan (17A15) meanwhile was glad to have had the opportunity to participate in this effort to promote the arts. Thung You Xuan (16A14), a member of the Chinese Calligraphy Club, echoed this sentiment, hoping that everyone “can gain greater exposure to different types of art forms and learn to appreciate the diversity of art.” The Exhibition was also an opportunity for “everyone in the CCA, experienced or new, to present their works”, and for “our multitude of arts-related CCAs to showcase our passions.”

Hwa Chong teachers were out in full force as well. Mr. David Chong put on display a few of his works, and for the first time, two scenery pieces as well. This, coupled with the fact that he was experimenting with watercolours, made this year’s Exhibition particularly special for him, as it represented a new milestone in his artistic development, a journey where he “relentlessly challenged myself with new mediums and themes.”

Mr. Chong, who is also the Art Club’s Teacher-in-charge, was heartened by the response of the student body. He has seen both students and teachers actively take part in activities organised by the Art Club during ArtsFeste. The creativity and innovation of those among our midst were truly stunning. The Art Club will strive to hold more of such events to further engage the school population.

While the Arts Exhibition might have lasted for only a week, for the many artists behind these artworks, their passion for the arts will never die.

Written by Lee Jit Ping and Eugene Lee (17A15)


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