Celebrating the Pursuit of the Arts: Arts Fest Concert 2017

Every year, Hwa Chongians celebrate the arts and our artistes in the school’s annual Arts Fest. A wide range of activities is held throughout the campus to cultivate the love for the arts, and to showcase the dedication and passion of our artistes. In this article, we look at the 2017 Arts Fest Concert.

A major highlight of Hwa Chong’s annual Arts Fest, the Arts Fest Concert on 5th May 2017 featured performances from Hwa Chong’s very own performing arts groups, including the Chinese Orchestra, Concert Band, Choir, Guitar Ensemble, Harmonica Band, String Ensemble, Music And Dance (MAD) Chinese Dance, Music and Dance (MAD) Street Dance & MAD Modern Dance teams, and DanceSport athletes Zane Tan (16S7J) and Dara Tan (17S7B).

Zane and Dara’s gripping dance performance
Photo Credit: Hwa Chong Photographic Society

When the curtain opened for the night, the audience was ready for a feast for the senses. They were not disappointed, be it by the Chinese Orchestra’s soothing and euphonic melodies that instantly transported one to another time and space, the Choir’s performance that exhibited their impeccable control of tone and pitch, or MAD Street’s invigorating dances that ended the concert with a bang.

Art in its greatest form is an expression of humanity and is arguably one of the most exquisite manifestations of beauty. However, as we gazed at the stage that night, we realised that so much more beautiful were the performers. The blood, sweat and tears that they have invested are determinedly hidden from the audience, who only experience the magic weaved by flawless steps and perfect notes.

Sonorous and enchanting notes from the Guitar Ensemble
Photo Credit: Hwa Chong Photographic Society

The Concert was particularly meaningful to many of the JC 2 performers, as it was their final performance as a student. While this year has been arduous for many of them, with preparations for the Singapore Youth Festival seguing into preparations for the Concert, they were determined to end their fulfilling journey on a high note by presenting the audience an exceptional night to remember. Supporting them were their juniors, who too worked tirelessly. As Low Yu Teng (17S78) from the Chinese Orchestra expressed, “This is the last time our seniors will be donning concert attire and standing in the limelight. We want to support them like how they have supported us.”

MAD Street’s ready to bring the house down
Photo Credit: Hwa Chong Photographic Society

The performers were also spurred by the electrifying response from the audience. “It was really encouraging – and humbling – to know that the audience enjoyed our performance that we had prepared so hard for,” shared Low Si Yu Sabrina (17S6G)   from the Harmonica Band.

Arts Fest 2017 celebrated the many talented artists in our midst, artists who have given so much of themselves in the hope of giving their audience wonder and delight. And, going by the roars of applause from the audience, they have achieved just that.

Written by Chong Shu Ning (17S76) & Koh Ro Zen (17S78)

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