All That Buzz About Dramafeste 2016

Dramafeste 2016 was held on the 3rd and 4th of March, casting its spotlight on each of the four Faculties’ talented actors, actresses and crew members in a series of original plays that adhered to the theme of “Dominoes”. Judging the performances were Ms. Dorothy So (our Senior from 12A15), Mrs. Nicola Perry (Mr. Perry’s wife), and Mr. Christian Simpson, our Literature tutor from the English Department.

Artemis Faculty’s “We All Fall Down” portrays three dead men recounting their tales to the Guardians of Kindness and Mercy, unearthing interlocking relationships and coincidences. 16A10’s Ryan Ang (Ares) praised the intricate plot as “fraught with twists and turns”.

The characters in “We All Fall Down” try to prove that they deserve a second chance

The characters in “We All Fall Down” try to prove that they deserve a second chance. Photo Credit: Ng Shi Huan (16S73)

Apollo Faculty’s “Buzz” revolves around four co-workers scheming to ruin their future manager’s reputation. It was light-hearted and engaging. The combination of well-chosen music, lighting and the cast’s spectacular acting proved to be a hit with the audience.

Athena Faculty’s “Beyond” involves a lonely and dissatisfied man who dies and watches his own funeral. Audience members, including 16A12’s Laurent Yee (Ares), described the premise as “really cool”. The impressive set design earned much kudos and admiration.

The protagonist of "Beyond"

The protagonist of “Beyond”. Photo Credit: Ng Xin Lin (16S69)

“In Carnations”, Ares Faculty’s moving family drama, depicts a family’s deep-rooted tensions surfacing on their daughter’s wedding day. The outstanding acting and dialogue made the play an “emotional masterpiece”, according to 16S60’s Foo Zhi Yu (Athena).

Julia, the bride in "In Carnations", struggling with uncertainty on her wedding day

Julia, the bride in “In Carnations”, struggling with uncertainty on her wedding day. Photo Credit: Lee Yueyu (16S6P)

The English Literature, Drama, Debate and Film Society (ELDDFS) shouldered the task of coordinating this year’s Dramafeste. 15A15’s Megan Ann Pang (Apollo), the Drama Wing Head, said that having to “work with four Faculties simultaneously” was a challenge, but everybody’s hard work paid off, culminating in two nights of unforgettable entertainment. As the judges deliberated on the second night, emcee Auyok Ryan (16A15, Apollo) doubled up as part of a musical act with Lydia Ng (16S70, Ares) and Rachel Dunn (16A15), and the ELDDFS executive committee brought the house down with a parody mashup of all four Faculties’ plays.

15A15’s Sebastian Ma, one of Apollo’s scriptwriters, dispensed advice for future Dramafeste teams to “stay level-headed and take (problems) on one by one with a plan,” especially when “working with unknown factors”, like schedule clashes and untimely illnesses.

The Publications Society congratulates all award-winners, especially Apollo Faculty for snagging the coveted title of Best Play! Regardless of the results, everyone who helped to make Dramafeste 2016 a resounding success shared in the audience’s applause. As Glenn Chia (16S6A, Athena) puts it, “Congrats to Apollo for winning Best Play, but congrats to all faculties for winning our hearts.”


List of Awards

Best Supporting Actor: Tee Zhi Zhang (Aaron) from Artemis (16S6B) – “We All Fall Down”

Best Supporting Actress: Cheryl Yap (Julia) from Ares (16A12) – “In Carnations”

Best Actor: Ong Yinn Ray (Dom) from Apollo (16A15) – “Buzz”

Best Actress: Shang Ke (Death) from Athena (16S64) – “Beyond”

Best Set Design: Athena – “Beyond”

Best Script: Apollo – “Buzz”

Best Play: Apollo – “Buzz”


Written by: Loh Wen Jie Zachary (16A12) and Chrystel Ng Wei Ai (15A15)

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