Post Orientation Party: A Night of Song, Dance and Cheer

Dusk set in as waves of colour poured into the Central Plaza. Yellow, red, blue, green – the four Faculties of Hwa Chong were ready to show their signature slick dance moves.

The luminance of Apollo’s bullboys and bullgirls

          Photo Credit: Ryan Pan (16S7A) @ Hwa Chong Photographic Society

The 2017 Post-Orientation Party (POP) took place on 22nd February, marking the end of the C1’s Orientation journey with the traditional inter-Faculty dance-off. The new C1 students were led by their respective C2 Faculty Committees (FacComms), which had spent months choreographing, practicing and perfecting their dance moves. The POP represented the culmination of months of hard work, which intensified even further in the days leading up to the event itself. The task before these C2 students seemed incredibly daunting; their juniors had to not just learn the dance moves, but also master them in a matter of days.

The red hot Ares warhorses mesmerizing with the audience with their hand gestures

Photo Credit: Natalie Moh (16A10) @ Hwa Chong Photographic Society

Faculty pride and spirit spurred them to overcome all obstacles. The seniors took time out of their already busy schedules to hold extra training sessions to guide their juniors. The C1 students practiced whenever they could – before assembly, during their breaks, and even after lessons and CCA training sessions.

The Artemis pack’s got your back

             Photo Credit: Ryan Pan (16S7A) @ Hwa Chong Photographic Society

In the end, the Hwa Chong spirit of 自强不息 carried them through, as all four Faculties performed superbly. Apollo lit up the night with their light sticks, Ares wooed the crowd with their intricate hand gestures, Artemis marched their way to applause, while Athena put up an “owl-some” performance. The audience of teachers, seniors, alumni and visiting parents were all treated to a truly impressive spectacle. The cheers they gave in response further electrified the Central Plaza.

The owls of Athena taking flight with an AHOOT

Photo Credit: Natalie Moh (16A10) @ Hwa Chong Photographic Society

After the Faculty dances ended, everyone came together to participate in the beloved SoDaChe (Song, Dance and Cheer) segment. Students both past and present danced and sang along to songs such as “Together in Electric Dreams” and “细水长流”. While the C1 students bonded with their classes, returning alumni reminisced about their own respective POPs.

4 Facs, 1 Hwach

             Photo Credit: Ryan Pan (16S7A) @ Hwa Chong Photographic Society

As POP drew to a close, the participants slowly left the Central Plaza, tired and weary yet feeling incredibly fulfilled. It had been an exhilarating night for all of them, especially for the C1 students. With the conclusion of the POP, the C1s officially closed the first colourful chapter of their Hwa Chong story, ready to write yet another as JC1 life moved into full swing

Written by: Yang Qize (17S7G)

The 2017 POP Faculty dances can be viewed at Sensorium Vale’s YouTube channel. The links to the specific videos are provided below:

Apollo Faculty:

Ares Faculty:

Artemis Faculty:

Athena Faculty:

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