Chasing Rainbows – Artemis Faculty CIP 2016

Eager chatter lingered as the Artemisians gathered, the mood almost too energetic for an early Saturday morning. Artemis Faculty CIP 2016, a collaboration with Club Rainbow Singapore, was held at the Singapore Zoological Gardens on 9th April 2016 and the excitement was bubbling.

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Artemisians helping to set up the pavilion for the activities to come. Photo Credit: Chiang Yan Qi (16S7D)

At 8am, families started streaming in – first trickling into the main viewing areas of the zoo’s animal exhibits, then gathering at the pavilion in anticipation for the upcoming activities. The event started off in great spirits as the crowd gathered for a mass dance-sport session, a warm-up for the long-awaited walkathon. Befrienders accompanied their families as they toured the zoo. Despite the searing heat, it did little to discourage the lively interactions between the volunteers and beneficiaries.

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Artemis befriender with her attached family for the day. Photo Credit: Chiang Yan Qi (16S7D)

The pavilion, where the carnival was held, was abuzz with a myriad of games, including inflatable hoops and a NERF gun target range. The stalls attracted large crowds, with the participants enthusiastically vying for a shot at the prizes. One prominent set-up was the “Miles for Good 100km Challenge” stationary bicycle, with Home Fitness pledging to donate $5 for every kilometre cycled at the event.

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Playing the Memory Card Game. Photo Credit: Chiang Yan Qi (16S7D)

A mini concert was also put up by our Hwa Chong students. The crowd was serenaded by the band The Yellow Fellows and a duet by Elton Lee and Tan Wan Yun (15S6F) with their melodious rendition of the hit song, 小幸运.

A major highlight of the performances was the spectacular drum display put up by one of the beneficiaries, Anastasia. Her zest and passion for the instrument was inspiring – the twelve-year-old received a standing ovation after her performance.

Many participating families were impressed at the scale of the event and thanked the students for their dedication and care shown throughout. Faculty Committee members, Xavier Ler (15S63), Jeremy Tan (15S6D) and Ng Xin Shuen (15S7B), who served as I/Cs of the event, hoped that the activities were able to expose students to the challenges faced by the beneficiaries and motivate Artemisians to work towards a more inclusive society.

At times, the event was threatened by storm clouds looming overhead, but the eventual heavy showers did not douse the participants’ enthusiasm. Quick thinking on the part of Faculty Committee members made sure that the performances continued uninterrupted.

Even as hard as the rain beat down, Artemis’ flame burnt bright.

Written by Calvin Chen (16S63) and Chiang Yan Qi (16S7D)

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