Behind the Scenes: The Hands and Hearts that Support Us

This post is part of the series on the Random Acts of Kindness (ROAKs) sharing initiated by the CIP Council. Every month, there is a different theme. This May, ROAKs aims to appreciate and celebrate the many unsung heroes in our school life.

A tinge of orange peeks through the veil of night as the morning sun rises.  At 6.30am, one of the most overlooked groups in Hwa Chong arrives in school, putting the cogs for a smoothly-run day into motion.

Hwa Chong is kept spick and span each day despite the heavy flow of activity within its compound — and this is only possible thanks to our cleaners. Grabbing their brooms, mops and buckets, they set about sweeping the corridors and cleaning the toilets upon entering the school. Their hands handle their tools with dexterity as they scan the areas before them.

As they make their way through the school, students greet them and thank them for their hard work. Others offer to help carry their cleaning materials. Such small gestures touch our cleaners tremendously.

“The students are happy, and we too are happy,” they said with cheerful smiles.

The people who toil tirelessly to keep our campus clean: (from left) Ms. Yatimah, Ms. Asmah, Ms. Khatijah, Ms. Hawa, Ms. Hamisah, Mr. Ow Yeong Kok Seng, Ms. Lee Hwa Hian, and Ms. Kamisah. Photo Credit: Leom Sheng Teng (17S7J) @ Hwa Chong CIP Council

When asked if there was anything they would like to remind the student population, they turned their gaze to a nearby whiteboard and quipped, “Look at this whiteboard. It isn’t clean! Let’s call Mr. Ken now!” Jokes aside, our cleaners remarked that while the vast majority of students do indeed use the school facilities responsibly, sometimes when rushing between lectures and tutorials it is easy for one to forget to, say, clean the whiteboard. It is heartening though to see students giving their classrooms one last look to make sure everything is in order before moving off.

After a day of arduous work, the cleaners change out of their uniforms and amble towards the bus stops, chatting among themselves and bidding goodbye to staff members and students on the way out.

“Tired, but happy” were the words they used to describe their feelings at the end of the day.

Written by: Chew Chu Gek (17S7E) & Yau Chun Yi (17S7G)

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