Behind the Scenes: Guardians of the Secrets behind Our WiFi and Projectors

This post is part of the series on the Random Acts of Kindness (ROAKs) sharing initiated by the CIP Council. Every month, there is a different theme. This May, ROAKs aims to appreciate and celebrate the many unsung heroes in our school life.

Behind the computer screens sit the backbone of the school’s systems and network services — Hwa Chong’s IT and AV technicians.

A typical day for our technicians begins right from the first period. “We support the classrooms and Lecture Theatres and respond to correspondence,” explained our AV Technician Mr. Johnny Yeo. “On top of that, we prepare the necessary logistics and do repair work in the afternoon.”

IT and AV work are often confused for one another, and upon asking, the technicians were more than ready to clarify. “IT is different from AV,” explained Senior IT Officer Mr. Zhou Yun Tian. “We usually do our work behind-the-scenes, such as looking after the server room or supporting the network when there is high user traffic.” They also liaise with service providers such as Google to ensure that students can do their work online smoothly.

Mr. Johnny Yeo (left) and Mr. Zhou Yun Tian, who are part of Hwa Chong’s AV and IT teams that work silently behind the scenes​​​​​​. Photo Credit: Leom Sheng Teng (17S7J) @ Hwa Chong CIP Council

While laborious, the technicians’ work is exceptionally meaningful and fulfilling to them. They find the environment in Hwa Chong very conducive to work in. “Being in a school, you can be both a technician and a teacher,” explained Mr. Zhou. “Other than managing the school networks, I also conduct workshops for the J1 Computing students and bring them on school tours to give them a better understanding of the school network and servers.” Our technicians added that students never fail to express their gratitude for their services, often thanking them for the assistance rendered. The immense satisfaction derived from such instances is a consistent force that drives them on.

To end off, the AV and IT technicians would like to thank the students for their unwavering support, and they hope that this symbiotic relationship will continue to flourish.

Written by: Chew Chu Gek (17S7E) & Yau Chun Yi (17S7G)


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