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This post is part of our throwback series as we look back at the enriching and exciting events of 2016.

Heeding the school’s call for holistic education, many students pursue their passions beyond academics. At July 2016’s National Schools’ Xinyao Singing and Song Writing Competition, a few of our talented musicians participated as contestants. Elton Lee (15S6F) was one of these contestants. Well-known for his singing prowess, he has frequently performed in both school-based and external events.

Elton Lee and Tan Wan Yun’s (both from 15S6F) 明天33新谣演唱会 performance at The Star Theatre in August 2015. Photo Credit: Elton Lee (15S6F)

Elton was introduced to music at a young age, but only truly honed his interest in singing at the “V Singer” competition when he was in Secondary 2. Rigorous training sessions, coupled with more performance opportunities at major concerts and events, inspired him to develop his talent in singing further.

Since then, Elton has worked hard to establish his professional career. Having signed a record deal with Ocean Butterflies, he is also working for TOUCH Publishing as an official songwriter. Notably, he was actively involved in the making of Mediacorp Channel 8 hit-drama Crescendo as a voice actor.

Elton performing his self-composed song 这样好吗 at the 起飞《从心出发》新谣传承演唱会 at The Max Pavilion in November 2015. Photo Credit: Elton Lee (15S6F)

As a songwriter, he receives regular requests to write songs for singers’ upcoming albums, or theme songs for movies, dramas and soundtracks. In addition, he has opportunities to collaborate with other songwriters from countries like Malaysia, Taiwan and China. Through such exposure, he has picked up many skills about the craft of song-writing from other experienced musicians.

Elton is especially grateful to his parents for their encouragement, as well as supporters who leave heart-warming messages on his social media profile, fuelling his drive to write better songs. It is such support from his family and friends that inspires him to balance his commitments well.

To those with similar aspirations in pursuing their dreams, Elton advises them to make the most out of the many opportunities that Hwa Chong provides to showcase their abilities. He fondly recalls the annual singing competitions such as Hwa Chong Idol in the High School Section that served as a stepping stone in his journey. His CCA in the College Section, 未央 Songwriting Society, also allowed him to rally like-minded students to write songs, organise song-writing competitions and initiate concerts in school, with performances of self-composed songs.

Home recording of Wan Yun and Elton’s self-composed songs in Elton’s home studio. Photo Credit: Elton Lee (15S6F)

Elton hopes to continue his music career; his ardent wish is to release his 1st solo album after National Service as a singer. He is also considering pursuing a music degree at university.

Written by Calvin Chen (16S63) & Conan Leong (16S6A)

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